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Submit loan application online – free loan request

The online loan application is a non-binding free loan request. The credit intermediaries determine the first most important creditworthiness information from the data provided by the loan applicant.
If the creditworthiness during the preliminary check is sufficient, the financial service providers will request further documents for the loan approval. This is followed by the collateral assessment and verification of the applicant’s creditworthiness.

If all the requirements for granting the loan are met, the credit intermediaries send the loan agreement to the applicant by post. Now you can decide at home whether to accept the contract or not. A binding contractual relationship is only concluded when the loan contract is signed by the credit intermediary.

If necessary, the loan application is made by the financial service providers not only to a single bank, but to up to 20 banks.
In this way, the loan applicant receives the best loan offer with just one credit request.

Requirements for a loan

  • No existing garnishment or cession
  • German citizenship and residence in Germany
  • Minimum age 18 years

Loan application process

Loan application process

  1. Enter your personal details in the credit application form
  2. Send the loan application to Credither
  3. After a preliminary check, receipt credit requires additional documents such as proof of salary or pay slip
  4. You will then receive a non-binding loan offer (credit contract) by post.
  5. Send the signed loan agreement back to the credit intermediary
  6. Payment is made either by bank transfer or by post

The most important thing at a glance with the Internet loan application – loan request form

The most important thing at a glance with the Internet loan application - loan request form

  • No upfront costs
  • Credit mediation for over 40 years
  • Credit possible despite negative Schufa Swiss credit
  • No Schufa entry after payment has been made
  • No notifications to your house bank
  • Installment loan to pensioners (NO age restriction!)
  • Fast online loan processing
  • Loans up to 100,000 euros
  • The money is quickly at your disposal
  • You can use the money freely – no purpose for credit request
  • fixed monthly rates
  • Customers report good experiences with receipt credit

Who can submit a loan application to the loan experts?

Who can submit a loan application to the loan experts?

  • employee
  • trainees
  • self-employed
  • freelancer
  • Officer
  • pensioner

What can I use the borrowed money for?

The money is freely available, for example the loan can be used for the following investments:

  • Debt restructuring / refinancing – replace expensive overdraft facilities
  • Start-up capital for a business start-up financing

The loan offers are non-binding and free of charge, there are no upfront costs, even if you don’t take out the loan.

Benefit from the favorable conditions when offering loans.

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